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About Town: Make recycling your way of life

David French
Facilities Manager

Recycling Site and a Brush Recycling Site at 801 Diamond Valley Drive in Windsor.

The Town of Windsor is very fortunate to operate both a successful Recycling Site and a Brush Recycling Site at 801 Diamond Valley Drive, next door to Diamond Valley Community Park.

In February of 2012, the town purchased recycling related equipment including a cardboard compactor, three large covered steel containers for the different recyclable materials and an open container to collect glass. To remove glass from co-mingled recycling containers makes sorting easier and strengthens the value of the co-mingled materials. In March of 2012 the Town of Windsor entered into an agreement with Waste Management to collect, service and record all materials harvested from this site.

To date, the site has generated nearly a million pounds of recyclable materials. The recycled material not only is kept from a land fill, but is re-made into viable products. Some examples of these products are: cellulose insulation made from newspapers, crushed aluminum cans re-made into new aluminum cans, plastics remade into lumber, carpeting, fleece type clothing, and corrugated cardboard re-made into press board packaging like cereal boxes.

Windsor's Recycling Site is open seven days a week during daylight hours. The site accepts corrugated boxes, brown paper bags, pizza boxes, glass bottles and jars, newspaper, office paper, junk mail, aluminum and plastic bottles, metal lids, and steel cans.

Located within the Recycle Site are several non-profit bins to collect housewares, clothing, shoes, and electronics.

Next to the Recycle Site is the Brush Recycling Center. In spring of 2012 The Town of Windsor choose to staff the Brush Sit in order to better control yard waste materials as opposed to trash. The Brush Site is open 10 a.m.-6p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The site accepts grass clippings, leaves, garden trimmings, and tree branches that are 18 inches in diameter or less.

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The cost of recycling "brush" for Windsor Residents is $2 per load. Commercial companies are charged $6 a cubic yard. The Brush Site offers free mulch during operating hours. Each fall the Town contracts with a commercial company to grind debris at the Brush Site into mulch and amendments to improve garden soils. Windsor's Brush Site generates many thousands of cubic yards of organics that are re-used and kept out of a land fill.

The Town of Windsor would like to thank you for supporting recycling efforts, making recycling as a "way of life". Learn more at http://www.windsorgov.com/recycle.

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