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Art and Heritage: Windsor Happenings

Carrie Knight
Art & Heritage Manager

"It is reported there were a number of persons in Windsor Sunday that were quite hilarious — too much beer." -Greeley Tribune, May 28th, 1896.

Windsor Happenings were printed by The Greeley Tribune in the 1890s and reported a combination of the mundane and comical. These reports in miniature were later re-titled Windsor Department under the authorship of Miss A.B. Middleton, Editor. The reports were no longer than a column in length, but covered the comings and goings of residents, as well as significant local events and humorous commentary.

"Dr. Porter is very proud of his new dog, which he purchased of C.H. Chandler of Greeley this week. The dog is a water spaniel and well trained. Price paid for him was $20." -Greeley Tribune, May 5th, 1898.

Society pages are all but obsolete today. At one time, they were a feature of most reputable newspapers and were followed by readers with much interest. Some sources attribute James Gordon Bennett who founded the New York Herald in 1835 with establishing the first society page. Bennett was famous for his sartorial writing style and for his rabid fascination with breaking news to which he was aided by use of the telegraph. The society page gained increasing popularity throughout the nineteenth century appearing in newspapers across the nation. Newspaper editors later lumped these reports among what was called "Women's Pages," alongside advertisements, women's club reports and other material intended to increase the paper's readership among women.

Middleton covered all manner of news in her reports — the birth of a child to Dr. and Mrs. Gormley in 1899, potatoes for purchase at the Windsor Mercantile for 65 cents in 1897, and a housing shortage in 1900. Her reports reveal intimate things about Windsor people at the turn of the 20th Century. To her and to society pages in general, historians are indebted. To check out Miss Middleton's reports, visit the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection online and don't forget to head over to the Town of Windsor Museum Facebook page at or visit us online at

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