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Art & Heritage: Discovering Windsor

Carrie Knight
Art & Heritage Manager

In February, the Town of Windsor Museum received the exciting news that it had received a grant from the Poudre Heritage Alliance for a redesign of its exhibit space at Boardwalk Park.

Titled "Discovering Windsor: A Look Back, A Leap Forward," the exhibit focuses new attention on topics that have not received the consideration they deserve and for which the museum has a strong connection in its material collections. Chief among these topics are a broadened perspective on the factors that led to Windsor's settlement, the experiences of women, and the institution's own important history. Threaded through each is the concept of "construction" — the idea that we have constructed the past through collective experiences, memories, and endeavors.

The exhibit redesign comes after an aggressive period of planning and evaluation by museum staff which recognized a need to better serve the community in the years to come. The exhibit redesign intends to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and to allow for many "layers" of discovery by visitors. "Discovering Windsor: A Look Back, A Leap Forward" will feature historic photographs, objects, oral histories, and interactive experiences that invite participation in history — past and present. Limited technology will be incorporated into the visitor experience, utilizing video and audio as a means to connect in new ways.

The exhibit will open to visitors May 30, and is free of charge. Updates to our website which will include tour times, tour topics, and other useful information will be available for viewing in April by visiting

The Town of Windsor Museum thanks the Poudre Heritage Alliance for their generous support of this project! To learn more about the Poudre Heritage Alliance, its programs, and funding opportunities, visit And check out updates, event notices, and fantastic history trivia on the Town of Windsor Museum Facebook page.

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