Board further revises strategic plan |

Board further revises strategic plan

Casey Kelly

The Windsor Town Board combed through the town's draft of its 2014-16 strategic plan to further revise its goals and priorities for the next two years during a strategic planning session Monday in the Windsor High School Fireside Room.

The board reviews the town's strategic plan every two years to make sure its goals and priorities are up to date. The board also sets a new action plan of specific things the town can accomplish in the coming years to work toward the plan's broader goals.

"This is a living document," Town Clerk Patti Garcia said. "We're working, breathing through it."

The board first looked at its six vision statements, which point toward the town's vision for its future. The board removed its second vision statement, "Windsor has a vibrant downtown and lake, which is a community focal point and destination," because the board felt the same idea already appeared in the other five vision statements.

The board then looked at the plan's four goals, and the list of priorities that fall under each goal. In the town's plan, each goal is supported by more specific priorities underneath it, as well as an action plan of two to three items that the town can specifically accomplish in the next two to three years to work toward the goal.

On the board's first goal, "build community spirit and pride," the board changed the verbiage on the first three priorities to be clearer, but did not change their meaning. The board left the rest of the priorities the same, except for one. The board removed priority H, "promote vibrant downtown and lake as destination and focal point," because it was covered under the plan's second goal.

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On the plan's second goal, "promote Windsor as a destination," it shortened the first priority to "provide for diverse and healthy choices in leisure, culture and recreation," and shortened the second priority to "promote creative and artistic outlets."

On the plan's third and fourth goals, "diversify, grow and strengthen the local economy" and "develop and maintain effective infrastructure," the board brought out a thesaurus to change words like "maintain" and "continue to," to "strengthen" and "advance."

Town Manager Kelly Arnold said the town's department heads will come together in June or July to revise the action plan that lays out specific tasks the town can accomplish in the next two years to work toward the plan's goals and priorities.

He said following the board's look at the plan, the town will host a public outreach in August to get input from citizens on the plan's goals and priorities.

The 2012-14 version of the town's Strategic Plan can be viewed online at

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