Business Spotlight: AniMom Veterinary Services |

Business Spotlight: AniMom Veterinary Services

Jason Pohl

Dr. Allyson Mangan and her husband Keith Nugent have operated AniMom Veterinary Services in Windsor since 2012. They pride themselves on old-style services, including house calls and all other animal services both at home and in their clinic.

AniMom Veterinary Services, LLC

n Address: 1555 Main St. A3 No. 120, Windsor

n Phone number: (970) 460-9170

n Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

n Number of employees: Two

n Website:

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n What services do you offer? I offer veterinary housecalls for dogs and cats in northern Colorado, plus I offer veterinary care in my home clinic in Water Valley. I offer physical exams, vaccinations and bloodwork all in the comfort of home or my home clinic, and perform dental procedures and surgeries at a local clinic.

n How long has your business been in Windsor? My husband and I moved here in 2006 and started the practice in 2012. In 1999 we took a drive around the area, and fell instantly in love with Windsor after seeing pelicans at Windsor Lake and meeting friendly folks while shopping in the quaint downtown area.

Who is the owner? The owner/veterinarian is Dr. Allyson Mangan, and her husband Keith Nugent is the practice manager.

n Why did you want to start this venture? I was a veterinary client for 20 years before vet school. I had a clear idea of the kind of vet I wanted to become: honest, caring, compassionate. The only way was to start a practice rather than working for a corporation (or vet) where big profits are important and high production is needed.

n How have things been during the years? At first it was very difficult, as it is with any new small business. However, with the loyalty and referrals of a few clients, we managed to turn a small profit for the first time ever in January 2013.

n Why should people do business with you? I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find just the right vet. I want to be the reliable, old-style veterinarian who cares for your pets just as if they were my own. I keep prices as low as possible so that more pets can receive the care that they need without breaking the bank. No extra charge for evening/weekend appointments, as well!

n What's the most interesting client story? Not as dramatic or entertaining as most vet stories (think James Herriot), but recently a young, hardworking man was looking to rehome his medically challenged 8-year-old dog. We changed her meds and made it affordable so that she could keep the home she knew, and I felt like a million bucks!

n What makes you unique/what else people know about you? My clients are able to text me or call me on my cell phone at any time of day or night, and I strive to be as accessible as possible. Many clients become friends, as well, which may (or may not!) be considered a perk!

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