Business Spotlight: Windsor’s Hot Air Ballooning offers unique ride, worry-free |
Jason Pohl

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Business Spotlight: Windsor’s Hot Air Ballooning offers unique ride, worry-free

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No Worries!! Hot Air Ballooning

n Phone number: (303) 880-2669

n Hours: Call to schedule a flight or to learn more

n Number of employees: Two

n Website: "Like" us on Facebook at "No Worries!! Hot Air Balloon Team"

n What services do you offer? We offer private hot air balloon flights to celebrate any occasion (or non-occasion). The current rate is around $400 for a private flight for two with a champagne toast and light refreshment at the conclusion of the flight.

n How long has your business been in Windsor? We have been in Windsor for seven years and have loved every minute!

n Who is the owner? Debbi and Don Waltman; Debbi is the pilot, and Don is the crew chief.

n Why did you want to start this venture? We have been flying for more than 20 years in Colorado plus events in several other states and countries.

n Why should people do business with you? Our company offers the only private flights in the Windsor area — there is no sharing a flight with strangers in a huge balloon basket. We also offer flight instruction.

n What's the most interesting client story? Every flight in a hot air balloon is a new adventure, and we invite you to come and create your own memories!

n What makes you unique? What else could be more unique than enjoying the skies in a beautiful hot air balloon?!