Cirque du Soleil to come to Budweiser Events Center in Loveland Jan. 11-15 |

Cirque du Soleil to come to Budweiser Events Center in Loveland Jan. 11-15

Kelly Ragan

Kyle Cragle discovered the circus when he was 9 years old.

He told his parents then he wanted to work for Cirque du Soleil someday.

He'll perform Jan. Wednesday through Sunday at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland as a dragonfly. The show, called Ovo, is a performance based on the life of insects. They work, play, fight and look for love.

Growing up, Cragle's brother played classic sports like baseball and football. Cragle didn't enjoy those sports. He tried soccer for a couple of years, but he never loved it. His mom had him try gymnastics. Cragle was good. The head coach asked him to be on the competitive team. But when Cragle saw the circus performance, he found his passion at a young age.

"It took me over, it got me going," Cragle said in a phone interview. "It made me feel a passion I never felt before."

Cragle bought juggling props and a DVD recording of the show he saw. That night, he started teaching himself tricks in the hotel room.

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When he was stressed with competitive gymnastics and school, Cragle turned to circus performing for a distraction. When he did compete, people would tell him he was really enticing to watch even though he didn't win every competition.

"It almost made gymnastics worse," Cragle said. "I knew there was something else. I knew I wanted to do circus."

Cragle's mom did some research to find a circus school. She found some opportunities for him and sent him to a summer camp in 2008, when he was 12. They held auditions at the camp for circus school. Some kids had been preselected, but they asked if anyone wanted to join.

"I wanted to see where I stood compared to kids they considered the cream of the crop," Cragle said.

He was accepted into the program. At 15, he left his home in Texas to attend the National Circus School's high school program in Montreal. In June, he signed his first contract to join Ovo. As the dragonfly, Cragle performs hand balancing such as handstands and contortions. He's able to bend and twist his body all while doing a handstand.

Even though Cragle's performed in Ovo several times now, he said it feels different every time.

"Doing amazing things on stage allows you to connect with people in a different way," Cragle said. "There's a magic that's created. It doesn't make me feel like I can do anything, but it makes the audience feel like anything is possible."

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When: Jan. 11-15

Where: Budweiser Events Center, 5290 Arena Circle in Loveland

Cost: $25 for child tickets, $43 for adult tickets

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