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High Hops Brewery unveils special Pelican Lakes Lager

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The unveiling of Pelican Lakes Lager beer was held Saturday during a special one-time-only event held at High Hops Brewery in Windsor.

According to Kurt Hinkle, director of marketing at Water Valley Land Company, the small brewery has partnered with the semi-private Pelican Lakes Golf and Country Club, both located in Windsor, on a light beer. Saturday was the first time anyone was able to taste the product.

High Hops Brewery is located at 6461 Colo. 392 in Windsor.

"It's very clean and is very drinkable," said Zach Weakland, the head brewer at High Hops Brewery, in a news release.

Folk band Josh Vogeler and RiverMutt Music performed to close out the night.

The only place the beer can be purchased after Saturday's launch party is on draft at the newly remodeled Pelican Lakes Country Club restaurant, 1620 Pelican Lakes Point, and its soon-to-open lower-level Sand Bar.

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"This (was) a one-time-only event to offer a sneak preview of Pelican Lakes Lager," said Weakland.

Hinkle said the collaboration between a brewery and a golf course is unique to the area as both parties believe Pelican Lakes Lager will be the only golf course-specific beer offered in the state.

"We've done smaller collaborations, but never done a large exclusive beer for an establishment so we're really excited about this opportunity," Weakland said earlier this year. "We're shooting for the perfect golf beer. It's going to be a nice and refreshing beer you can drink on a warm, sunny day and not get too full off of it."

The first batch of the Pelican Lakes Lager, which presents a crisp taste and resembles a typical domestic light beer, was started about two months ago, and is making its debut around the same time as the conclusion of the Pelican Lakes restaurant remodel, probably in early April.

Earlier this year, Water Valley Land Company CEO Martin Lind said, "Our guests will be stunned when they see our new look. They will be thrilled when they see our new menu. They will be ecstatic when they pull down a cold pint of Pelican Lakes Lager and go shoot a 72 on our stunning, newly remodeled course."

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