Law and Order: Youngsters playing in the dirt causing trouble , ‘God hates Romney’ and the duct tape caper |

Law and Order: Youngsters playing in the dirt causing trouble , ‘God hates Romney’ and the duct tape caper

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At 10:30 a.m. Oct. 1, police were called to Brandon Dunes and Royal County Downs drives regarding vandalism. The owner of an excavating company told police that some juveniles threw dirt clods onto his heavy equipment and into the exhaust of his yellow Caterpillar trackhoe, which caused the turbo in the engine to malfunction. He told police that it would cost about $2,500 to replace the turbo in the trackhoe engine. A witness told police that she saw juveniles, about 5 to 6 years of age, sitting on top of the dirt pile and throwing dirt clods from the pile on Sept. 29. The owner of the excavating company later called police and said the juveniles responsible for throwing the dirt clods live at the house at the 7200 block of Royal County Downs Drive next to the dirt pile. Police contacted the mother who lives at the address, and she told police that she didn't seem surprised that her 4- and 6-year-old sons were throwing dirt clods. Police told her that the two boys couldn't be charged with a crime because of their age, but she could be held accountable in a civil case for any damages. The mother said she understood and that a girl who lives behind her was also involved. Police went to that house and talked to the mother of the 7-year-old girl. Police then talked to the three kids and explained to them the seriousness of the incident.


NAP TIME BEFORE WORK: At 3:43 a.m. Oct. 3, police were called to Free Hold and Pompano drives on a report of a suspicious vehicle. The reporting party told police a vehicle parked behind some Dumpsters and a man appeared to be putting things in the trunk of his vehicle. Police made contact with the man, who was in the driver seat of his vehicle. Police asked the man what he was doing sleeping in his vehicle in front of a house that was still being built, and he said that he arrived early for work and decided to take a nap while waiting for his co-workers. Police told him that someone noticed that he put something in his trunk, and he told police that he threw away a bag that had the leftovers of his breakfast and then put his clothes in his truck. The man then showed police a piece of paper with work orders for a house on Free Hold Drive. No further action was taken.


ROMNEY SIGN SPRAYED OVER: At 8:15 a.m. Oct. 4, police took a report of criminal mischief to a political sign at the 6900 block of Colo. 392. The reporting party told police that she and her husband placed a Mitt Romney sign in front of their residence the night before and that when they woke up the next morning they observed it had been spray-painted with the words, "God hates Romney." The woman told police that they had observed a dark-colored SUV drive pass them and yell profanities after they put the sign up. Police have no witnesses or suspect information.

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MAKING A HOME AT THE OLD CAR LOT: At 8:20 a.m. Oct. 4, police observed an open garage bay door on the east side of the abandoned Champion Dealership, 9050 Colo. 392. The police cleared the building and didn't locate anyone inside, but they said that someone had or has been staying inside the unsecured building. Police found remnants of a fire on top of a desk, as well as a plastic bucket containing what appeared to be urine. Police said there was significant property damage throughout the interior of the building including broken windows and holes in the walls. Inside the building, police said there were numerous boxes filled with what appeared to be personal customer information with many of the boxes being opened and tossed around the interior. Police secured both garage bay doors, but were unable to secure two open areas. Police are working with a bank from California because the business is in foreclosure, but police don't know who the actual owner of the building is.


THIS FURNITURE ISN'T TRASH: At 9:40 a.m. Oct. 5, police were called to the 400 block of Main Street for a reported civil issue. The reporting party told police that Northern Colorado Disposal picked up and crushed some furniture that was placed close to a Dumpster at the antique store he owns. The man said the furniture was to be refurbished, and that it belonged to his customers. The police spoke with the trash company driver and he said he thought the furniture was trash. The driver told police that the six chairs and one table looked extremely old and were sitting next to the building close to the Dumpster. He told police that he would never dispose of the furniture if he knew it was being worked on. The owner of the antique store told police that the furniture was up against his building and that the driver should have used common sense. The trash company's supervisor arrived on the scene and told police that this kind of thing happens all the time and that the company would take care of any damages to the furniture.


DUCT TAPE CAPER AT KING SOOPERS: At 4:21 p.m. Oct. 7, police were called to King Soopers, 1520 Main St., on a report of suspicious activity. The reporting party told police that a young male was running through the store and his mouth and hands were covered in duct tape. The police located three teenage boys sitting on the curb near Little Caesars Pizza, and one of the boys said he was taped up with duct tape as a prank and ran through the store. The two other boys videotaped the incident and they were imitating the "Jackass" TV series, a prank and stunt show on MTV. The boys were advised by police of the dangers of the activity and how it created panic in the store. The boys had also been contacted by police for similar issues in the past. The boys said they will stop the risky activities.

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