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LETTER TO EDITOR: Where are the fountains?

Where are the fountains?

What is different at the south end of 14th street or 15th street in the Westwood Village subdivision?

Take a drive down either of the streets and you will not see the fountains in the ponds. Why? Because they haven't been installed. But were they working at the end of the 2013 season? What is the delay? Someone stated that the ponds stink and the pumps are needed. So what is the delay?

In the past two years, the HOA purchased two new fountain pumps, one for each pond. Total cost about $9,000. So what is the problem this year? Does the HOA have the funds to hire someone to get them installed and working? Considering the total cost of about $9,000 for the pumps, surely the HOA has the money to get them up and working. Was the $9,000.00 expenditure used wisely? Was it well thought out before investing the $9,000? Was the existing wiring adequate for the new pumps? If the HOA had that much money, what's the problem this year?

While you are down on 14th or 15th Street take a look at the trees/shrubs. Several appear to be dying or in need of professional care. In particular, look at some evergreen trees. They look bad. Here we are in the first part of June and no working pumps and the lack of care for the landscaping. We don't need to wait any longer, let's take some action.

The homeowners are paying assessments for the purpose of maintaining the grounds and surroundings. Where is it going? Are there any records published so that the homeowners know where the money is going?

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One thing for certain, the HOA had the funds to purchase and install "private lake… fishing is for residents only" signs. Which has a higher priority?

Jim Saunders, Windsor

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