New synthetic turf project at Windsor High School scheduled to be finished by Friday |
T.M. Fasano

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New synthetic turf project at Windsor High School scheduled to be finished by Friday

T.M. FASANO/tfasano@mywindsornow.comThe new synthetic turf field project at H.J. Dudley Field at Windsor High School is slated to be done by Friday.

H.J. Dudley Field has a new look, a bright and fresh one thanks to the new synthetic turf that was installed to replace the grass on the all-purpose field at Windsor High School.

Football, lacrosse and soccer games will be played on the new turf, and the high school marching band will also practice on the field.

Before that all starts, though, the work from Academy Sports Turf of Englewood on the $587,000 synthetic turf project is entering the final stages.

According to Richard Huwa, the project manager for the Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District’s bond work and owner of RLH Engineering in Windsor, one of the final tasks to be done on the field is to spread the rubber infill material into the synthetic turf.

“The infill is composed of small rubber particles which fall into the turf and create the cushion for injury protection on the field,” Huwa said. “The infill process is best done in cooler temperatures due to expansion and contraction of the synthetic turf.”

Huwa and the school district want to alert the public and the residents close to the high school field that work will be done on the field early in the morning and late at night.

“We’re actually going to put some fliers out on some of the neighbors’ doors in that area just alerting them that there may be some longer work hours involved,” Huwa said.

As a result of the infill process, Huwa said Academy Sports Turf may be working earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings to take advantage of cooler temperatures and to minimize temperature fluctuations in the turf due to direct sunlight.

“The rubber installation process is expected to take place within the period of today though Friday, and the extended work hours would be starting at 5:30 a.m. and extending to 10:30 p.m. under the stadium lights,” Huwa said. “If we should have a cooler day at the right time in the sequence of work, the need for the extended work hours will disappear. But if needed, the extended hours will be for only two to three days during the period of August 8-13.”

Huwa said the turf project is coming along fine.

“We had a couple of slow weeks that we were concerned about, but really now for the last couple of weeks they’ve really gotten the sub-grade done,” Huwa said. “The contract date is supposed to be done by Friday. They’re on track to do that unless the weather should hold them up. It’s looking like we have envisioned, and some things worked out well for us.”

Huwa said a logo with a “W’ and a star will face the home crowd on the 50-yard line. The logo wasn’t originally part of the project, but was added to the turf project.