Road north of Greeley shut down Monday night due to oil spill |

Road north of Greeley shut down Monday night due to oil spill

Staff reports

Weld and Windsor authorities spent their Monday evening working to contain and mop up a pretty big — and mysterious — oil spill northwest of Greeley.

The spill of about 150 gallons of oil occurred at Weld County roads 27 and 64.5, more than likely due to some truck transport leaking. The call came in about 6:30 p.m. Weld County Sheriff's deputies shut down northbound traffic on Weld 27 from Weld 66 and north from Weld 64.5.

Windsor Severance Fire Protection District firefighters were on scene, and would likely be there all night, said engineer Ian Gordon. There aren't any nearby storage batteries or wells, and there aren't any nearby crops that could be threatened, he said.

"We briefly saw it, and it looked like it was covering up one lane on the north side of the road," Gordon said. "From what I saw it was maybe 200 feet. We shut down that lane and we're trying to get people to go around it. We actually just had a call from someone who drove through it and thought they smelled smoke."

Authorities have no leads on where the oil originated.

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