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Spradley Barr Auto Center moves into downtown Windsor

T.M. Fasano

T.M. FASANO/tfasano@mywindsornow.com

The dealership's location and the fact that there isn't another car dealership on Windsor's main street puts a smile on Josh Conkey's face.

Conkey, the sales manager for the newly opened Spradley Barr Auto Center, 901 Main St., in Windsor, is all about treating customers to the same service that Spradley Barr's other car dealerships provide in Greeley, Fort Collins and Cheyenne, Wyo.

"This is a great location. It gets tons of traffic," Conkey said. "It has great visibility from the road with all of our inventory. Being across from the middle school and high school here, we're very fortunate to be here. I love the town of Windsor. People are very friendly."

Spradley Barr moved into the same location as Casson Car Co. Conkey said Brian Casson retired from that location, but still owns the property and is leasing the space to Spradley Barr.

"What we're really going after here is we want to provide quality vehicles to the residents of Windsor," Conkey said. "We know that the residents of Windsor have three options. They can go to Greeley. Fort Collins or Loveland."

There are two locations in Windsor (Peak Kia and Highway 34 Auto & Truck Sales) where residents can purchase vehicles, but they're located out of town on U.S. 34.

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"There's over 20,000 residents in Windsor that don't have a place to go buy their cars," Conkey said. "At the Windsor location, we have access to all of our other locations' pre-owned inventory. If a customer is looking for a particular unit, this is the place to come to shop because we can find what they're looking for."

Conkey, who has worked for Spradley Barr since 2005, said the auto center in Windsor will have a good mix of inventory.

"We want to also provide a lot of low-mileage, high-line vehicles, as well. There is only a couple of places where these people can go to purchase a high-line vehicle," Conkey said. "They can go to Co's, or they can go to Highline Motors in Fort Collins. I've got a 2012 Mercedes out here with 8,000 miles on it. Brand new it sold for $50,000 and they can purchase it for $36,800."

Conkey said the auto center takes trade-ins, and does its own financing.

In addition to selling high-line, low-mileage vehicles, Conkey said he also has vehicles (program units) that are one, two, three years old that are still under factory warranty. He also said some low-priced, entry model vehicles for under $10,000 will be available.

Conkey said Spradley Barr offers a big selling point for every customer who purchases a car, which undergoes a 110-point service inspection.

"All of our pro-owned vehicles with under 100,000 miles are certified. The new owner gets two things for free," Conkey said. "They get two years (limited powertrain warranty) or up to 100,000 on the odometer, whichever comes first. The big expense is engine, transmission and drive axle. They also get two years of oil changes, complimentary, at our Greeley store. Everybody gets that if they're buying a vehicle under 100,000 miles."

Conkey said Spradley Barr will be involved in the community, and will hold barbecues like it did for its open house March 30 and a breakfast cookout Saturday (April 6), as well as run E-plan specials for Windsor business owners and their employees that will give discounts each month on oil changes, window tint, tire rotation, winterizing a vehicle and other special offers.

"That's really the reason for us being here. We are the only game in town," Conkey said. "We're going to treat people right. We're going to offer them quality, pre-owned vehicles that we don't have to be ashamed about. We're going to take care of the customer after the sale because we want this to be the place where somebody can go in the town of Windsor, know they can get taken care and they're going to get a quality vehicle at a great price."

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