The Summit Entertainment Center opens with dozens of bowling lanes, two-story laser tag arena |

The Summit Entertainment Center opens with dozens of bowling lanes, two-story laser tag arena

Casey Kelly

The new 50,000-square-foot Summit Entertainment Center opened Wednesday near the corner of Fairgrounds Avenue and Crossroads Boulevard, offering a new attraction that the town of Windsor hopes will spur more retail activity on the southwest corner of town.

During a VIP event Tuesday evening, attendees had the chance to see the new entertainment center in action. Employees offered samples of food and drinks to attendees that had the chance to tour the facility and roll bowling balls down The Summit's brand-new lanes.

The entertainment center features 32 bowling lanes, a two-story laser tag arena, a 175-seat Crossroads Tavern and Grille, and a VIP lounge offering eight lanes of bowling underneath two big-screen TVs. Construction began on the project in October of last year, but land developer Martin Lind said it began more than eight years ago with an idea written on the back of a napkin.

"This building is the shape of things to come for northern Colorado," Lind said, thanking the town of Windsor for its support. "We need to prepare for this building to be world-class and for it to attract the things that are coming to northern Colorado"

Lind also said the new entertainment center's opening ushers in a new era for the area, illustrating its shift from farms to an area he referred to as downtown northern Colorado.

"They always say a visionary is simply a guy that can see the invisible. It's not that hard to see the invisible in northern Colorado," Lind said. "When I was born in 1961, the city of Loveland was 20,000 people. Windsor, Colorado today is 20,000 people. I think anybody here can do that math. I think we know what's coming. Long ago — before Crossroads (Boulevard) was here — and even before I-25 was here, this was just farmers. But this is now downtown NoCo and this building sets the stage for the quality and class of downtown NoCo."

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General Manager Joe Rosner said The Summit's staff has been hard at work over the past few weeks training employees and getting everything ready to open.

"It's been in the works for several years. It's been a labor of love," Rosner said. "It's an amazing feeling."

Currently, The Summit has 189 employees on its payroll, but plans to grow to about 220 employees after it has finished hiring some remaining seasonal and part-time workers, Rosner said.

"We've bumped up the employment here in northern Colorado," he said.

One 16-year-old employee, Hayden Ernst, said employees began training Aug. 12 to get ready for The Summit's opening.

"It's been fun so far," he said. "The training really brought us together as a team."

Windsor Economic Development Director Stacy Johnson said The Summit's opening was an amazing accomplishment that represented years of hard work through partnerships between private developers and the town. She said the town of Windsor offered incentives of about $642,000 to assist in building infrastructure.

"We pushed so hard knowing this is our only corner down here," Johnson said. "Hopefully, it's the spark down here that ignites some retail activity in the area."

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