Town Board looks to implement possible water/sewer tap rate increase |

Town Board looks to implement possible water/sewer tap rate increase

Casey Kelly

Town water and sewer development fees have remained unchanged since 2007, and now the town is looking to implement rate increases in January 2015 and 2016.

However, before Windsor Town Board members agree to any increases, they've asked town staff to hold a meeting with local developers to get input on the proposed changes.

Town Finance Director Dean Moyer told board members a study of town water and sewer tap fees proposed an increase of $2,675 for a 3⁄4-inch water tap, a 40 percent increase, and $700, a 19 percent increase, for a corresponding sewer tap.

He said the rate increases would put the town in "the middle of the pack" in comparison to surrounding municipalities such as Evans, Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland.

He suggested the board consider raising fees all at once, but he said he knew not all the board members agreed with that course of action, and said the board could also implement the increase over time.

Mayor John Vazquez said he agreed it was time to adjust the town's rates, but cautioned the board that raising the fees all at once could draw ire from the development community.

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Board member Myles Baker said the increase would help the town in its pursuit of water independence. He also said the board has shown it's friendly toward development after keeping rates level for the past seven years.

Moyer said he held a meeting with the development community last fall about a proposed rate increase, which he said drew a mixed reaction from developers.

Board member Robert Bishop-Cotner said even with a full increase, the town's water and sewer rates would still be below the surrounding municipalities, except for Evans. He suggested the town increase the rates all at once, instead of over time.

Board member Jeremy Rose agreed with Bishop-Cotner.

Board member Kristie Melendez said she had concerns about raising rates all at once, and said she was in favor of raising them gradually.

With developers already halfway through the building season, Town Manager Kelly Arnold suggested the board consider phasing in half the water increase in January of 2015, and the other half of the water increase in January of 2016 and make the sewer increase effective immediately.

Board member Ivan Adams said he would support the idea if, in the meantime, town staff would hold another meeting with the development community to hear their input.

Bishop-Cotner said he felt like the agreement was a "good compromise."

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