Violators caught using fireworks in Windsor will be fined $500 |

Violators caught using fireworks in Windsor will be fined $500

T.M. Fasano

A $500 hit to the wallet looks to be the deterrent to shooting off fireworks during this time of year in Windsor.

The Windsor Police Department wants residents to know that fireworks are illegal in Windsor, and that anyone caught using them will be fined $500 on the first offense.

No warning will be issued for any offenders. The ordinance outlaws all fireworks except sparklers and caps.

"We're at zero tolerance on that because the last few years we've had all the problems of fire danger and injuries that happen with fireworks. If we catch them setting them off, even if its something they bought in the county, there is nothing that is legal here," Windsor Police Sgt. Rich Higuera said. "The fine is pretty stiff. Safety is the big issue. The intent with a fine that is as significant like that is don't do it, watch the public fireworks (July 4). If you want to have the sparklers or caps great, but here in town it's just too much of a risk and too much of a hazard."

Only a couple of people were cited for the fireworks violation last year.

"The biggest thing is if they purchase them in Wyoming or if they purchase them around the county, even if they might be legal in the county, if they're anything other than sparklers or caps, they'll get a ticket here," Higuera said.

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Higuera said police end up getting calls from neighbors that someone is setting off fireworks.

"People are concerned so they call us. We go to the neighborhood and if they're still doing it, we have a lot of officers that are out over the 4th because it's a significant holiday, and we're also looking for DUI enforcement on that weekend as well. A lot of police officers are out there, and if we get called or observe them doing it, they're going to get a ticket."

Higuera said the enforcement period for fireworks is ongoing.

"If they set them off on June 21 or they set them off on Aug. 1 and we're aware of it, it's still going to be a ticket and it's still going to be a fine," Higuera said.

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