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Weld County commissioners say Conway should step down in wake of investigation

Weld County employees during the past few years have been subjected to yelling, cursing and intimidation at the hands of Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway, an investigative report obtained by The Tribune revealed.

A Mountain States Employers Council investigation, initiated by Weld County officials, shows multiple accusations going back nearly three years, and the investigator found each accusation to be true “more likely than not.”

Conway’s fellow commissioners state a mixture of shock and disgust at the contents of the report, and commissioners Julie Cozad and Mike Freeman are calling for Conway’s resignation.

“Commissioner Conway should do the honorable thing,” Freeman said. “He should step up and he should resign.”

Conway says he has no such plans, adding other commissioners should look in the mirror before making such requests.

The investigation

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Patti Russell, Weld County Human Resources director, initiated the outside investigation after an employee filed a complaint related to Conway’s behavior Nov. 23.

The employee who, along with other accusers, had her name redacted from the report, said Conway yelled and cursed at her following a miscommunication about scheduling.

When the conversation grew heated, the employee told Conway to stop.

“Oh no, you don’t get to f***ing tell me to just stop,” Conway said, according to the investigative documents.

The employee resigned shortly after.

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