Windsor Eagle Scout project will collect donations for the homeless |

Windsor Eagle Scout project will collect donations for the homeless

Casey Kelly

A Windsor Eagle Scout's project aims to connect community members' donations with a nonprofit that helps the homeless get back on their feet.

Kyle Ellingson, a member of Boy Scouts of America Team 620, will collect donations through June 14 at four different locations around Windsor. At the end of his donation drive, he will sort all the donations and take them to Fort Collins nonprofit Homeless Gear.

Homeless Gear is an organization that provides the homeless with supplies needed to survive on the streets and help them work toward self-sufficiency. The group collects items such as outdoor clothing and hygiene products and distributes them to the homeless.

"I'm really doing this to help the organization, so they can help the homeless get back on their feet," Ellingson said. "I've been working on it for a while. I started planning it last summer."

He said he first learned of the group while preparing breakfast bags with his church youth group for the organization to pass out to the homeless.

Ellingson coordinated with Homeless Gear to come up with a list of items the group needs. Some of the suggested items for the drive include: coats, sweatshirts, summer and winter hats, footwear, blankets, personal hygiene items, outdoor gear and more.

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He also went to lost and founds inside Windsor schools to take the unclaimed items to donate to Homeless Gear.

"It's supposed to teach leadership and how to organize a long-term project," he said.

Ellingson is a student at Windsor High School, where he plays goalie for the school's soccer team. The 15-year-old has been in the Boy Scouts since he was 8-years-old, following in the footsteps of his seven older brothers who received their Eagle Scout badge.

"He'll be our seventh Eagle," Ellingson's mom, Barbara, said. "I think it's really great for them to have that experience and develop the leadership that they need. To me, Boy Scouts of America help them develop that character and also help them implement what they've learned into this project to help out people. That's the most important thing — helping other people."

There are four locations where people can take donations from now until June 14: Mail N Copy at 1298 Main St., No. A; 8z Real Estate at 1550 Main St., Unit 124; Bank of Colorado at 1041 Main St.; and Manweiler Appliance at 414-B Main St.

Ellingson will also pick up donations from anyone who isn't able to take the items to a drop-off location by June 14. To request a pick-up, contact Ellingson at (970) 686-9115.

For more information about Homeless Gear, go to

Donation drop-off locations:

» Mail N Copy at 1298 Main St., #A

» 8z Real Estate at 1550 Main St., Unit 124

» Bank of Colorado at 1041 Main St.

» Manweiler Appliance at 414-B Main St.

Donations needed:

» Coats (winter, raincoats or ponchos)

» Hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts (no sweaters)

» Summer and winter hats

» Winter gloves

» Footwear (hiking boots, tennis shoes, winter boots)

» New socks and underwear

» Women’s purses and handbags

» Belts

» Pants (jeans and sweatpants)

» Thermal tops and bottoms

» Blankets

» Insect repellent

» Sunscreen

» First-aid kits

» Batteries

» Personal hygiene items (disposable razors, shaving cream deodorant, soap, new combs/brushes, shampoo and hand sanitizer)

» Bath towels/washcloths

» Duct tape

» Small sewing kits

» Shoe insoles

» Backpacks/daypacks

» Sleeping bags and pads

» Portable shelters, tarps and small tents

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