Windsor High graduates will be part of school’s 100th graduation ceremony |

Windsor High graduates will be part of school’s 100th graduation ceremony

T.M. Fasano

Meaghan Tufts and Wil Dressor, co-presidents of the Windsor High School student body, are thrilled to be part of the school's 100th graduation ceremony.

"We're both really pumped to be a part of that," said Tufts.

Tufts, Dressor and 240 seniors will walk across the stage to accept their diplomas in a commencement ceremony that begins at 12:30 p.m. May 25 at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland.

"It's kind of crazy to think that Windsor High School has been around for that long, because you kind of think in the moment a lot of the time," said Tufts, who is ranked No. 7 in her class and will attend Colorado State University in the fall. "It's really cool to think about. From freshmen year to senior year, there has been a huge growth in who I've become. The biggest thing I've learned is friendships and trying to find your true friends that will stick with you throughout your life."

Dressor, who is ranked No. 9 in the senior class and will attend the University of Wyoming in the fall, said it adds a little extra to be a part of the 100th graduation ceremony.

"It's an honor to be part of the 100th graduation ceremony from Windsor High School," Dressor said.

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Dressor said starting at running back on the state championship football team his sophomore season is his No. 1 memory he'll take with him.

"It goes by so quick, especially your senior year and the next thing you know you're graduating," Dressor said. "The people and all the teachers and the community, I can't say enough about how I just loved the overall experience and just how awesome the people are. The whole high school experience was a lot of fun."

As of Thursday, there were 242 seniors and 12 valedictorians on the graduation docket, although that could change because final grades won't be determined until Wednesday.

"This class is a great bunch of individuals," Principal Michelle Scallon said. "We've had kids that care about each other and care about other students in our school, just some true leaders. It's an exciting time, but a sad time for us because I'm going to miss those kids.

Scallon, who is completing her second year as the principal, said her graduation speech and the valedictorians' speeches will be geared toward the 100th graduation ceremony and about numbers.

"It's the 100th graduation ceremony because some years there were kids away at war and some years there was no graduating class," Scallon said. "We are very proud of the traditions that have been established. We're very proud of the fact that the community is involved in our school. We have generations of graduates. It's been fun to watch over the years all the different traditions develop, and just have that community involvement."

Scallon said she's going to reflect on how things have changed over the last 100 years, and what the future holds for the graduates.

"We've got kids going off to the Naval Academy. We've got an ROTC full-ride scholarship kid. We've got a Cal Tech student," Scallon said. "I'll just encourage them to take their knowledge and help build the future."

Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District Superintendent Karen Trusler, who will retire after the 2014-15 school year, said graduation time is always exciting.

"Regarding this particular graduation class, approximately 50 of these seniors were in second grade when Grandview first opened, and I was their principal," she said. "So for me personally, I have enjoyed watching them grow academically, socially and emotionally through the years. I have also seen how they have taken care of each other, given back to their classmates and paid it forward. This class, in particular, has shown their kindness and service to others. Their parents should be oh so proud of them. I know I am."

Trusler said it's special to see the Windsor-Severance community recognize the graduates.

"I love how our community gathers to celebrate these seniors' accomplishments," Trusler said. "It does indeed take all members of our community to raise and educate our children. I realize that our children may only be about 20 percent of our population, but they are 100 percent of our future. The citizens of Re-4 have always been united for our children, our future. This is definitely evident as we all surround our graduates at the events center with best wishes and congratulations."


The 2014 Windsor High School commencement ceremony will be held at 12:30 p.m. May 25 at the Budweiser Events Center, 5290 Arena Circle in Loveland. The ceremony is open to the public. Good seats are always available in the 7,200-seat arena.

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