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Windsor Law & Order for Feb. 10

Staff reports


At 10:04 a.m. Jan. 28, police were called to the 700 block of Ponderosa Drive regarding suspicious activity. A man said he came home from work to pick up a few things, parked his truck in the driveway and went into his house through the garage. He told police that he saw a man driving a black Ford car who stopped in front of his home and took a photo of his open garage. The homeowner was able to get a license plate number for the car, and described the man as white, with grey hair in a red or pink shirt. He told police that the man put his phone down and drove off quickly once he saw the homeowner. The homeowner went back to work and then called police. Police searched the neighborhood and could not locate a vehicle matching the description and plate. The police ran the plate listed, and the owner was a Windsor resident. The man taking the photo explained to police that he works for Safeguard Properties and was sent to take a photo of the homeowner's property by the mortgage company because of unfulfilled payments. He told police that he is not required to inform the homeowners because he is contracted by the mortgage companies. Police called back the homeowner and explained to him why the man was taking pictures.

MARIJUANA PIPE FOUND AT HIGH SCHOOL: At 4:54 p.m. Jan. 30, police were called to Windsor High School and principal Michelle Scallon and dean of students Kevin Copher said they found a glass marijuana pipe inside a trash can and wanted police to take possession of it. Police were provided with a broken, multi-colored glass marijuana pipe which was inside a brown paper bag.

KEEP CAR DOORS LOCKED: At 3:45 p.m. Feb. 1, police were called to the 400 block of Elm Street regarding a vehicle trespass. A man told police that he parked his Mustang in front of his garage at about 2 p.m. He said he was in the garage and heard a vehicle with a malfunctioning muffler on it in the alley. The man thought someone was just looking at his car, and he observed a white Toyota with a dent in the trunk leaving east out of the alley. The man discovered that his wallet and its contents were missing from his car, but other items like his sunglasses and the stereo remote were still in the car. The man told police that his car window was down. He told police that his wallet had no money in it, but it did have all his licenses and credit cards. Police advised the man to cancel the credit cards and check to see if they had been used or attempted to be used. Police have no suspects.

Staff reports

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