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Windsor Law & Order for Jan. 5


Patrick Wright, 20, of Windsor was arrested Dec. 29 for two offenses of possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

According to a Windsor Police Department arrest affidavit, police obtained a search warrant for an apartment at the 800 block of Stone Mountain Drive in Windsor. Police executed the search warrant at 9:22 p.m. Dec. 28. The apartment door was answered by a man and his girlfriend. The man said Wright had been staying on their couch bed in the living room, and that Wright wasn't home at the time. The woman told police she had seen Wright with candies in the apartment that she knew to be soaked in acid. She said Wright normally keeps the candies in the freezer or in a black lock box that she pointed to on the floor in the kitchen. The police searched the apartment and then called Wright on the phone.

Police found a black metal lock box (unlocked) that contained three glass pipes with suspected marijuana residue, one purple plastic container containing suspected marijuana residue, one clear plastic container containing suspected hash residue, one white plastic straw containing suspected cocaine residue, one green plastic pipe with a glass bottle attached containing suspected cocaine, one ticket to Decadence Day at the Colorado Convention Center for Dec. 30, one black cloth bag containing a metal spoon and a plastic baggy with several unused dime baggies inside marked with $ signs, one dime, one penny and two used, empty plastic baggies.

In the living room, there was one hash pipe containing suspected hash residue, one glass bowl containing pieces of pipes and several small containers possibly used for hash, and a green container with suspected hash. In the second hallway closet containing Wright's belongings, one small dime bag with a playing card "club" symbol was located with suspected cocaine residue inside and one small glass bottle.

The items were seized and later logged into evidence. The white powder from inside the green pipe tested presumptive positive for cocaine. The pipe with the cocaine residue weighed 8.2 grams as packaged. The green container with the suspected hash weighed 18.1 grams as packaged.

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Police advised Wright on the phone to turn himself in at the Windsor Police Department after 2 p.m. Dec. 29. Police advised Wright on the phone to bring the acid back with him. Wright told police on the phone that the hash was his, the ticket in the black box was his and some pipes in the residence may be his. Wright did not claim possession of the cocaine in the black box. He said the only thing in the box that belonged to him was the ticket.

Wright arrived at the Windsor Police Department on Dec. 29 and was advised of his constitutional rights per Miranda Warning and agreed to speak with police. Wright admitted that the contents in the black box recovered on the search warrant belonged to him. Wright admitted that the baggy found in the closet with the white residue belonged to him, and it was cocaine residue. Wright admitted the small green pipe with the glass jar with white cocaine residue was his, too.

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