Windsor Law & Order for March 16 |

Windsor Law & Order for March 16

Staff reports


At 4:47 p.m. March 5, police contacted a woman who said someone called her and said they were from Xcel Energy asking for money. The woman told police that she received a call while she was at work at Uncorked Wine & Spirits, 1345 Water Valley Parkway, from a man who said Xcel Energy had a glitch in its computer system and she needed to immediately pay $1,200 to avoid the utility being shut off at the business. The woman, who manages Uncorked Wine & Spirits, said the man told her that she could not pay with a check or credit card, but only by sending the money from a gas station. The woman asked the man what the account number was for the business, and he couldn't tell her. She hung up the phone and called Xcel Energy, and was told it was a scam and advised her to file a police report.

CAR ALARM DRIVES NEIGHBORS CRAZY: At 9:51 p.m. March 7, police were called to Stone Mountain Drive and Conifer Court on the report that a car alarm on a red Jeep Liberty parked on Stone Mountain Drive was going off for the last few hours. When police arrived, the Jeep Liberty's lights were flashing and the alarm was going off. No one was inside the Jeep, and all the doors were locked. The reporting party told police that the alarm would stop for a little bit, but then go off again. The reporting party said he attempted to contact all his neighbors to ask if the Jeep belonged to any of them. Several other neighbors came out and said the same thing the reporting party said. Police could not locate the owner of the vehicle. Police suggested to tow the Jeep to unlock it and attempt to turn off the alarm after they were unsuccessful in unlocking the doors using a slim jim. While waiting for the tow truck, the owner of the Jeep arrived on scene and she turned off the alarm.

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