Windsor Law & Order for March 2 |

Windsor Law & Order for March 2


At 11:42 p.m. Feb. 26, police were called regarding two suspicious people dressed in black pulling on the door handles of Main Street businesses. The reporting party said he was in the back of a business at the 200 block of Main Street when he heard someone try to open the business front door. The man said he looked outside and saw a person dressed in black walking on the north side of Main Street trying to open other doors of businesses. The man also saw a second person. Police called the reporting party and told him that the person he saw pulling on doors was a police officer on foot patrol making security checks of downtown businesses. The police advised the man that police officers will often check businesses late at night or early morning. The second person the man saw was a female who lives in an apartment above one of the downtown businesses and who had stepped out to smoke a cigarette. The reporting party thanked the police department for their attention to the downtown businesses after hours.

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