Windsor Law & Order for March 9 |

Windsor Law & Order for March 9


At 12:34 p.m. Feb. 27, police observed a vehicle pulling up to the Epilepsy Foundations donation box at 100 12th St. and saw a female in the passenger seat grab a toy in front of the donation box. Police say the female passenger got out of the vehicle and opened up the back hatch. She grabbed the toy and placed it in the back of the vehicle, and then closed the hatch. The couple drove off and police then made a traffic stop on the vehicle. Police informed the driver that taking items from a charity's donation box is a crime. The driver told police that he didn't know he could not take items sitting in front of a donation box. Police advised the driver to put the toy back, which he did. Police gave the driver a verbal warning.

WOMAN'S CIGARETTE STARTS FIRE ON DECK: At 3:24 p.m. March 2, police were called to the 700 block of Columbine Drive and found the female homeowner attempting to put out a fire with a garden hose. Police said the deck connected to the house was burned, as well as the side of the house and the eave of the roof. The woman was very wet and emotional, but not injured. Police said no one else was in the house or at the scene. The woman was advised by police to take her dogs out of the house and to get to a neighbor in the car to keep warm. Police continued to spray water on the smoldering areas until Windsor Severance Fire Rescue arrived. The woman told police she was smoking outside and put her cigarette in a pot that she keeps near the back door of her deck. She said that somehow the cigarette ignited in the pot and started the deck post on fire and then may have spread to the side of the house. She said she immediately began using her garden hose when she noticed the fire and called 911.

METH FOUND AT WINDSOR BUSINESS: On March 4, police were conducting liquor license compliance inspections and spoke to the owner of Picasso and Wine, 1555 Main St. She told police that a group of women had come into the business on Feb. 28, and one woman was suspicious and disruptive. The next day, the owner found some suspicious baggies near where the woman sat. The owner turned the baggies over to police. They were three zip-locked baggies containing a small amount of a crystalline substance consistent in appearance to methamphetamine. One of the baggies were field tested and the result was a presumptive positive. Since the owner of the baggies was not known, the item was marked to be destroyed.

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