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Windsor Law & Order for May 25

Staff reports


At 5:37 May 14, police called a 30-year-old Windsor man at the 1100 block of Basin Court regarding a phone harassment report. The man told police he received several calls when he was in Green River, Wyo., from a number he didn't recognize, so he didn't answer it. He finally answered a call from that number and a 31-year-old man on the other line asked him what he was doing for his birthday next month. The Windsor man told the man on the other line that he didn't know him, but the caller said they went to the University of Northern Colorado together and he knew that the man wrestled there. The caller then asked the Windsor man if he could give him a foot massage and would pay him $500 to allow him to massage his feet. The Windsor man told the caller not to call him again and hung up the phone. The Windsor man said he received two more calls that he let go to voicemail, and the voicemails were the caller asking to pay $500 to massage the Windsor man's feet. The Windsor man told police he was concerned about his wife and child. Police told him that since he received the calls in Green River, Wyo., that he would need to make a police report there if he wanted to press charges of phone harassment. The Windsor man said he wanted the caller contacted and told to stop calling him, as well as extra patrol at his residence. Police told the Windsor man they would do that. Police called the man who was offering the foot massage and asked why he was calling the Windsor man. At first, he denied calling, but then said he called because he was an old college friend from UNC. The man, who told police he was in Tabernash, denied saying anything about paying $500 to give him a foot massage. Police told the man to stop calling, and he said he would stop. The man then called back the police and asked if offering someone $500 to massage a person's feet was illegal. Police told the man it wasn't, but the continuous unwanted calls were phone harassment. The man apologized for initially lying to police and admitted that he did call the Windsor man and offered to pay him $500 to massage his feet because he has a foot fetish and thought the Windsor man could use the money. The man said he would stop calling.

­— Staff Reports

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