Windsor police chief says using fireworks in town means $500 fine |

Windsor police chief says using fireworks in town means $500 fine

T.M. Fasano


Windsor Police Chief John Michaels wants residents to know that fireworks are illegal in Windsor, and that anyone caught using them will be fined $500 on the first offense.

Michaels said the police department is taking fireworks violations seriously because of the dry land in the summer, and that no warnings will be issued as in the past.

"They raised it last year at this time because of the fire danger," Michaels said. "Last week, we issued one citation for fireworks. It usually goes through now until the fifth of July. Officers will be taking these kind of calls very seriously, and it's not worth the $500 fine. This is your warning. Don't do it. We've been giving warnings for 35 years, and we still seem to face the same problem."

Michaels said the Windsor ordinance bans all fireworks with a few exceptions.

"Our ordinance outlaws all fireworks except sparklers and caps," Michaels said. "Even if you go to Loveland and you buy one of those fountains, that's illegal here and it's a $500 fine. The town always puts on a tremendous fireworks display for the entertainment and enjoyment of the public, so come down to Boardwalk Park and watch all of that for free. Save yourself 500 bones."

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