Windsor purchasing Kyger Pit for water storage |

Windsor purchasing Kyger Pit for water storage

Casey Kelly

The town of Windsor has finalized its purchase of the Kyger Pit at Weld County Road 13 and Colo. 392 for use as a water storage area.

Town Board members unanimously approved a resolution during a special meeting March 3 authorizing Town Manager Kelly Arnold to execute the deal's closing.

The town bought the land from River Bluffs Ventures LLC, with the board authorizing Arnold to finalize all the closing requirements, including paying the seller $2.75 million.

The town plans to use the lined gravel pit to hold water to use as a backup to augment well depletions in tight water years and serve the town as a secondary storage area, Town Attorney Ian McCargar said.

The town was mulling over ideas for how to get more storage water when September's flood filled the pit with about 300-500 acre-feet of water.

McCargar said the town and River Bluffs Ventures have negotiated an agreement to split the water equally, and they will pay the town a market-level rate for any water pumped into the pit and stored there.

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Eventually, he said, the town plans to build a pumping facility at the storage area.

Other improvements on the horizon include the planting of grass and trees, which the seller has agreed to pay for, as required by mining reclamation requirements put on the property about 20 years ago, McCargar said.

The town is still waiting on the results of a sonar survey, which will tell them exactly how much water is in the pit.

If the results show more than 1,000 acre-feet of water in the pit, the town has agreed to pay the sellers $2,750 for each acre foot above 1,000 acre feet, a rate that McCargar said was a little below market rate at the time of negotiations.

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