Windsor receives unqualified opinion from independent financial auditors |

Windsor receives unqualified opinion from independent financial auditors

Casey Kelly

Once again, the town of Windsor was given a clean bill of financial health from Anton Collins Mitchell, the independent auditors that complete the town's annual financial audit.

Randy Watkins from Anton Collins Mitchell told town board members Monday night that the town received an unqualified audit opinion, the best audit opinion possible.

Watkins thanked the town's management and finance staff for preparing the documents for the auditors on top of their normal workloads.

"There is a lot of work that goes into preparing the information we request, and we make several sample selections from that," Watkins said. "They have to pull those samples and spend a lot of time answering questions, all the while trying to do their daily routines."

Watkins said all the recommendations made to the town in previous audits had been addressed.

For instance, the organization had previously identified a deficiency in the town's reporting of longterm debt. During the audit, the organization found "a number of misstated account balances relating to the longterm debt of the town. This included the revenue bond refunding transactions and the recording of the new debt for the headworks loan with CWR&PDA," the audit report states.

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The auditors recommended the town review its longterm debt transactions, and the town implemented the recommendation.

Another deficiency found related to purchase cards used by town staff. The audit states, "For two purchase card holders selected, we noted that there was no purchase card agreement in place. In addition, we noted several items that did not contain a receipt to support the transactions. Finally, we noted that purchase card transactions were not always approved in accordance with town policy."

Auditors recommended the town improve its policies and require agreements and receipts, which the town implemented.

"It's great to work with an organization that has that sort of attitude toward these types of recommendations," Watkins said.

Town Finance Director Dean Moyer said the audit would appear at the next Windsor Town Board meeting for possible approval.

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