Windsor Town Board receives feedback from residents on Strategic Plan draft |

Windsor Town Board receives feedback from residents on Strategic Plan draft

Casey Kelly

The Windsor Town Board heard comments from a handful of town residents last Monday on the draft of the town's 2014-2016 Strategic Plan, a document the town will use to guide its budgeting process over the next two years.

The meeting began at 6 p.m. but because the town mailed out letters stating a different time, most residents didn't show up until 7 p.m.

Mayor John Vazquez said he had passed out copies of the strategic plan to almost 30 people through his Coffee with the Mayor events around town. He said the general consensus from residents was that the town seems to be headed in the right direction and added that the train noise situation is still a top priority for many residents.

Resident Richard Drake said he'd been watching the board for a while and thought they had recently been dysfunctional. He said unless they were able to work together going forward, they would have a hard time accomplishing the goals they've set in the strategic plan.

"You need to come together and work as a board and I can speak to this because I've served," Drake said, adding that he served eight years as a member of the town board. "Everybody on the board didn't always agree, but we checked our egos at the front door. We came in and worked for the betterment of Windsor … I love this town and I know what the board can do. You need to pull up your pants and work together as a board. You won't accomplish any of these strategic goals unless you do that."

Resident Carol Heinkel said if the town would be interested in drawing people from the area for large artistic events, the town could first work to foster a local arts scene on a smaller scale through the addition of a cultural center or something like it.

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Town Management Assistant Kelly Unger detailed comments received through the town's website and social media channels. One user from the town's website said they felt a focus on Main Street is essential for the town's development and should be supported by making the area more pedestrian-friendly.

The most feedback the town received through its social media channels was in response to the plan's second goal, to "promote Windsor as a destination."

Resident Jessica Brien wrote that more restaurants, bars and breweries would help accomplish the goal. Resident Julie Anne Swanson wrote that "something else in town besides fast food restaurants and bars" would help accomplish the goal. Resident Mike Matzke wrote more nightlife and resident Michelle Cure wrote better parks for all ages. Resident Rebecca Kler wrote, " 'destination to what' is my first thought."

Town Manager Kelly Arnold said the town created its first strategic plan in 2008, making the 2014 plan the fourth time the town has gone through the process of shaping its goals for the next two years. He said town board members have spent two meetings working with town staff and department heads to go through the draft.

The Windsor Town Board is still seeking community feedback on the 2014-2016 Draft Strategic Plan.

The draft plan has been posted on the Town of Windsor website on the Community Voice page and can be found at

Community Voice allows anyone to view the Draft Strategic Plan but in order to comment, vote or submit a new idea, you must create an account or log in using your Facebook account.

All comments received by Sept. 15 will be reviewed before the final 2014-2016 Strategic Plan is adopted by the Town Board in September.

What does the plan say?

The draft, as it was presented, includes the following statements about the town’s vision for the future:

» 1. Windsor’s home town feel fosters an energetic community spirit and pride that makes our town a special place in northern Colorado.

» 2. Windsor has a strong local economy with diverse business sectors that provide jobs and services for residents.

» 3. Windsor promotes quality development.

» 4. Windsor enjoys a friendly community with a vibrant downtown, housing opportunities, choices for leisure, cultural activities, recreation and mobility for all.

» 5. Windsor is a good environmental steward.

The draft also includes four broad goals for the town, which are: build community spirit and pride; promote Windsor as a destination; diversify, grow and strengthen the local economy; and develop and maintain effective infrastructure.

In the town’s plan, each goal is supported by more specific priorities underneath it, as well as an action plan of two to three items that the town can specifically accomplish in the next two to three years to work toward the goal.

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