Windsor Town Board takes fresh look at strategic plan |

Windsor Town Board takes fresh look at strategic plan

Casey Kelly

Greg Piburn of Leaders Edge Consulting leads the Windsor Town Board through the process of updating the town's strategic plan during a six-hour work session Monday.

The Windsor Town Board took a look at the town's strategic plan to update the goals and priorities for the next few years during a six-hour work session Monday.

The board reviews the town's strategic plan every two years to make sure its goals and priorities are up to date. The board also sets a new action plan of specific things the town can accomplish in the coming years to work toward the plan's broader goals.

Gregg Piburn of Leaders Edge Consulting led the board through the plan's mission statement and six items in the plan's vision for 2025, which the board felt didn't need any changes.

The board then looked at the plan's four goals, finding the first, "community spirit and pride," still remained a goal for the town and should remain in the plan.

Each goal is supported by more specific priorities underneath it, as well as an action plan of two to three items that the town can specifically accomplish in the next two to three years to work toward the goal.

Town Clerk Patti Garcia said all action plan items set in the 2012-14 strategic plan had been accomplished over the last two to three years, including items like "quality ambulance service for the community," "review CRC expansion financing options" and "develop oil and gas regulation."

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On discussion of the second goal, "promote vibrant downtown and lake as a destination and focal point," board members felt the goal should be more generic. They amended the goal to simply read, "promote Windsor as a destination," but said they may take another look at the goal at a later strategic planning session.

Some of the completed action items for the second goal include "promote DDA economic development opportunities" and "preservation and restoration of landmark-designated properties."

The third goal, "diversify, grow and strengthen the local retail and industrial economy," was amended to strike the words "retail and industrial" from the goal to place the focus on the town's economy in general.

Some of the completed action items for the third goal include "outreach and networking program for entrepreneurs," "recruitment and retention of retail businesses" and "business development and permit processes improvement."

The board felt the fourth and final goal, "promote, manage, and facilitate an effective infrastructure system in town and the northern Colorado region," was important for the town and decided not to make any changes.

Some of the completed action items for the fourth goal included new road projects, a long-range plan for street maintenance and storm water projects.

Town Manager Kelly Arnold said all the board's comments will be taken back to town staff to further refine the strategic plan and create a new list of action items for the upcoming few years before the board's next strategic planning work session, scheduled for May 19.

Arnold said following the board's look at the plan, the town will host a public outreach in August to get input from citizens on the plan's goals and priorities.

The 2012-14 version of the town's Strategic Plan can be viewed online at

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