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A time to share and to heal

Kristie Melendez
Town Board Member

Our community has been shaken in the last couple weeks. The senseless and untimely death of our fellow citizen and friend, Johnny Jacoby, leaves us all with more questions than answers but, as history has proven, Windsor is a community that has remarkable citizens who are resilient and know how to rise above tragedy.

As we approach summer and busy months of community events celebrating Windsor's 125th Anniversary, let us be ever vigilant and aware. If something does not look right or if you hear or see something suspicious, report it, but continue to engage.

These community gatherings offer an opportunity to heal; a time for us to come together to share smiles, laughter, tears and stories. Coming together for the common good to enjoy, remember and celebrate what we all love about our town.

I love Windsor for the people, both past and present. For those in our past who worked hard to build this "hub" of northern Colorado and for those today who are engaged in helping us create and formulate our positive and bright future by being part of the comprehensive plan update process.

We are fortunate to have the kind of caring individuals in our community who really do make a difference. Johnny was one of these individuals.

I can think of no better tribute to him than to continue to participate and be involved in our upcoming town anniversary events, for he loved nothing better than attending a local event himself. Visit http://www.windsor125.com to get current information on Windsor's 125 anniversary happenings. Wishing you all a safe and happy summer!