Art and heritage museum manager appointed to 10-state museum association board |

Art and heritage museum manager appointed to 10-state museum association board

Allison Dyer Bluemel

Windsor Art and Heritage Museum Manager Andrew Dunehoo

The appointment of Art and Heritage Museum Manager Andrew Dunehoo to the Mountain-Plains Museums Association may give Windsor a bigger voice at the table of the 10-state regional organization.

Dunehoo was elected to the association's Governing Board as Colorado board member at large Aug. 31. He will assist as a marketing co-chair for the association.

The association ­— established in 1953 — works on behalf of the museum community to educate its members on new standards and advances in the field while focusing on professionalism, ethics and fellowship, according to a news release from the association.

The association serves 10 states: Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

Though the association includes much larger museum districts than Windsor's, it will provide the same amount of networking and regional and national representation regardless of size, Dunehoo said.

The range of membership — which can be both individual museum professionals and institutions — goes "anywhere from small to state and state funded," he said.

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Dunehoo has benefited from the association's networking aspects as well and was recommended for the position by a colleague in the community, he said.

"He said I would be good as a future leader, but I definitely needed to get my feet wet," Dunehoo said. "I think the professional connections I've made shows me that I'm not alone."

While he hopes that it will help him develop professionally, Dunehoo also looks forward to advocating for what is important to Windsor and its history.

"It's a great representation for us on a state level as a small museum," he said. "I think we can benefit from some of the professional ideas of some of the connected museums."

By belonging to the association, as Windsor has since before Dunehoo began working with the town, the town's museum staff can swap ideas for programs and exhibits with museums throughout the 10-state area.

Windsor's museum will also benefit from joint marketing work done by Dunehoo to promote the entire association, he said.

"I'm most looking forward to giving back to an institution that has really supported me."