Former Windsor man pleads guilty in Iowa case |

Former Windsor man pleads guilty in Iowa case

Staff reports

Tyler Craig Lind

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Iowa — A former Windsor man pleaded guilty to a number of misdemeanor charges in August in Jefferson County, Iowa, stemming from a police chase and arson last November.

The Jefferson sheriff's office arrested Tyler Craig Lind, 27, of Batavia, Iowa, about 8:15 a.m. Nov. 24, about 30 hours after the incident. Lind was a senior at Windsor High School in 2007.

According to court documents, on Aug. 15, Lind pleaded guilty to eluding, interference with official acts, manner of conveyance, reckless use of fire, third-degree attempted burglary and burglary in the third degree of an unoccupied vehicle. According to a plea agreement, the state dismissed a number of felony charges including arson, burglary, theft and assault.

He was sentenced to two years unsupervised probation with a deferred judgment and suspended sentences, $2,490 in fines and civil penalties and $1,950 in restitution.

With a deferred judgment, if Lind completes his probation without problems, then the charges will be dismissed and the record of the case would be cleared.