GUEST COLUMN: Dress appropriately at Windsor High School |

GUEST COLUMN: Dress appropriately at Windsor High School

Rick Porter

We are in the middle of our summer and it is time to start thinking about the new school year, less than a month away. As you and your young adult(s) begin to think about school clothes and the shopping excursions to secure this new attire for the fall and winter, please remember we will not be allowing certain types and styles of clothes during the school hours this year. We are not trying to inhibit individuality, but we are trying to impress upon our students that certain clothing is more acceptable and appropriate for school than other styles and types.

You will be encouraged to purchase ” by your children, the manufacturer and the retailer ” clothing that is popular and the current trend. Be careful in your selection because it may be clothing that will not be acceptable during the school day at Windsor High School.

Again this year, we will be expecting the shoulders (for both male and female students) to be covered and short shorts and skirts will not be allowed. What do we mean by short shorts, skirts and covered shoulders? Here are some answers to that question:

» Spaghetti strap tops are not allowed.

» Shoulders must have at least three inches of material covering the area between the neck and tip of the shoulder.

» Shorts and skirts must reach to at least the middle of the thigh to be considered appropriate for the school setting.

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» Revealing necklines on the front and back of the tops are also discouraged. We are an institution of education, not one of fashion and clothing design or a modeling agency. Students must be sure they wear their clothing in the manner which is safe and healthy.

» The low slung shorts and pants worn by some of our male students will not be tolerated this school year. We expect the young men to wear their pants and shorts around the waist, a manner appropriate for the school setting. We do not need to see the under garments of any student whether it be boxer shorts, bra straps, etc.

» Pre-torn clothing with revealing holes and tears is another style and type of clothing that will be considered inappropriate for the classroom and hallways of Windsor High School during the school day. Please avoid the purchase of too many pairs of this style for your students.

Finally, we will continue to enforce the no-hat rule in our building. We asked kindly that you, as parents, abide by this policy, also. Help us set the example for our young adults. We strongly believe that this simple act is a clear and straightforward gesture of respect for the institution of education and each other as human beings.

Rick Porter is the principal of Windsor High School. This is his second year as the principal.