Law enforcement investigating two incidents of strangers offering Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District students money to get in vehicles |

Law enforcement investigating two incidents of strangers offering Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District students money to get in vehicles

James Redmond

Twice this week Windsor students have reported run-ins with strangers trying to entice them into their vehicles.

At about 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, a stranger approached a middle school student near 9th and Locust Streets and offered her $500 to get into the stranger's vehicle, according to information release by the Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District district today. The student refused and quickly went home to report the incident.

At about 5:30 p.m., Monday, a male and female approached an elementary school student walking home from a friend's house in the Windsor West neighborhood and motioned for her to get in their vehicle, displaying money for her to come with them, the district's news release stated. The student refused to get in the car and ran home.

The vehicle from Monday night was described as an older, boxy, four door, tan vehicle, possibly a Lincoln or a Buick.

Wednesday's vehicle was described as a blue or brown, boxy van with tinted windows, the district's news release stated. Law enforcement was notified and is investigating this report in conjunction with the Monday incident.

"We've had a couple of reports of someone in a car having kind of an unusual contact or attempt to contact students," Windsor Police Lt. Rich Higuera said. "We've increased our patrol around the areas and we're looking for any vehicles that are similar. We're certainly aware of (the reports)."

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Parents can tell their kids to stay clear of people they don't know. If someone a child doesn't know tries to talk to them, the kid should avoid engaging or talking to them, get out of the situation and go run home, to a public place or call 911, he said.

"Better safe than sorry," Higuera said.

In both cases, the children responded appropriately by getting away from the stranger and informing a trusted adult, the district's news release stated. These incidents highlight the importance of talking to children about personal safety issues, the release stated.

"Anytime a situation arises that causes safety concerns, we are grateful when the children involved are safe," district Superintendent Dan Seegmiller said. "These types of occurrences serve as timely reminders to discuss safety with our children and establish protocols for keeping them safe."

The Windsor-Severance school district has reached out to the public through posts on Facebook pages and their district website.

School district staff will function under heightened awareness and are taking appropriate precautions, the district stated. District staff, including the transportation department, has been informed of the situation and will remain vigilant, the release stated.

"We are letting you know about this report so that you can visit with your children about personal safety issues," the district stated. "We ask that the public be aware of the situation and remain vigilant."

What to tell kids about strangers

For information about strangers and how to teach kids about recognizing strangers and how to handle dangerous situations, the National Crime Prevention Council provides guidelines for talking with children at