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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Please don’t tear down 108-year-old home in Old Town

On Sunday (July 27), Bethel Lutheran Church in Windsor is taking a vote to tear down a house they own at 312 Walnut St. which was damaged during the tornado on May 22.

This house was built in 1900 and purchased by the church in 2000. Since the purchase, the church has allowed the house to deteriorate. No effort has been made to keep this house in good repair. It is worth renovating to keep the integrity of the neighborhood intact. History in the town is important to us. Members have said this is “business,” but don’t seem to care that it is “our neighborhood.” We have to live with their decision. It seems that a good business practice includes working with all parties affected by such decisions, including neighbors and the community.

The Town of Windsor has informed us that a demolition permit has been applied for already. The future plans for the property have not been disclosed to the surrounding community. We would like to know what the plans are for the property if they choose to demolish the house. It has always been a residential property.

This neighborhood has worked hard on all the properties to maintain the Old Town charm. We feel the demolition of this home would work against our efforts to restore and rebuild our community.

Please reconsider the demolition of a 108-year-old home and its historical value to Old Town Windsor.

Peggy and Larry Layton

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