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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Terms of Endearment right in downtown Windsor

I saw a movie the other day in which the main character foresaw events a few minutes before they actually happened. With this phenomenon in mind, those who are interested in the fire museum issue might also be curious about the following tale of “What if?”

The next time you are walking north on 5th Street toward Boardwalk Park, look to your left and just as you pass our old Town Hall museum building. Don’t see a “run-down, forlorn, no name, no use, stone building.

See this: A restored, substantially built, historic part of Windsor. With its one garage door, its large display window and its two side windows ” what could it possibly be?

Then the sun’s glare on the window changes and the contents are revealed. Inside is another substantially built, historic part of Windsor ” a 1925 REO Fire Truck. What a vision!

But seriously, how could the old stone building possibly be a legitimate display? It’s so small, it’s so old and it’s in such poor shape! Come to think of it, that sounds a lot like the description of the REO Fire Truck ” before restoration. In my opinion, it is near perfect. It is made of the stuff that fire truck garages would have been made of in that time period. It has survived the ravages of time, two tornadoes and more than its share of neglect.

It is, by proximity, a credible extension of old town museum. In the final analysis, isn’t this entire issue about saving and displaying Windsor’s history? Well, at 24 feet by 40 feet, this building will have to accommodate the physical use ” it is historic, it needs an identity and it needs saved.

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Now, as you continue walking and your attention turns toward the Boardwalk entrance, don’t see the partial skeleton of what everyone thought was a good idea, but wasn’t. See this: A grand pavilion, built in the style of the town of the 20th Century, something one would see in a historic town square, something that would complement the historic theme of Pioneer village.

As you get closer, see a large plaque containing the following: This facility proudly constructed for and presented for the people of Windsor, Colorado, by the Windsor-Severance Fire Protection District together with all the contributors named here.

Now, could this vision actually become a reality? Of course it could ” all it takes is the will of the participants ” the fire department, the Historical Society and Windsor town government. It is virtually all in place waiting to happen.

I really believe that if this “vision” were to become a reality, it would truly endear the parties involved to the people of Windsor and, more importantly, I think it’s just the right thing to do.

Vern Rasmussen