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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What has changed since May 22 tornado?

Our town was hit with a major storm which damaged many, many homes, some worse than others. Our town’s citizens really came to the needs of the people who lost most of what they had. Our town government was very responsive, which made every citizen proud


But now, six weeks later, where is the compassion on the part of the town government. They are now charging $45 for building permits to repair damages, that six weeks ago were waived. What has changed in the last six weeks? Has the town forgotten already what happened in late May.

I personally waited until now to even sign a contract with a contractor to replace my roof and siding. You wonder why I waited? I drove around the east side of town and saw many homes that were badly damaged, some had tarps on their roofs, some had boards on the windows, some were missing walls. Each of these homes were hurt way worse than mine, so my repairs could wait until those families with extreme losses could get their homes repaired or arrangements made to get other housing. I consider that being a good citizen.

But now, the town wants my contractor to pay $45 for a building permit for the same repairs that have been waived for the past month. Why, I just can’t understand the logic, except the town is money hungry. Have they even considered the fact that some of the promised money from all the agencies the mayor said was available haven’t begun to pay off yet or ever will. Beats me!!!!

Then there is the story that I heard about homes that had to be completely torn down to the foundation, and now those people, who have suffered the loss of their homes, are reportedly being charged about $6,000 by the town. This was told to me by someone else’s mayor, so all I’m trying to do is give the town officials an avenue to explain if it’s true or false and why. They have the opportunity to explain to the citizens why we are treating people the way it appears they are. We basically have a new town administration, maybe we are better off with the old one.

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If you agree with these points of view, let the town council hear from you, even if it’s in the newspaper. People who have suffered so badly, should not be taken advantage by the town officials.

Jim Saunders