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Miss Colorado appears on The Ellen Degeneres Show, given $10,000 toward her education (video)

Allison Dyer Bluemel

Windsor's Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, has had a lot of dreams come true in the last week.

She's paid off all her student loans from nursing school. She's met dozens of women who became lifelong friends during the Miss America competition, and she placed as second-runner up at the same competition.

But one of the most exciting moments of the week for followers of the nurse and pageant competitor was her appearance Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The appearance came after fans of the show sent Ellen a clip of Johnson's answer in the Miss America competition Sunday to the question of which woman she would pick to be the female face of the $10 bill.

Her answer was DeGeneres, of course, for her ability to be funny without insulting anyone, advocating for positive change in the lives of others and pushing her message for tolerance, Johnson said during the competition.

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"(That) was actually the best part of the entire show," DeGeneres joked during Thursday's show. "I personally think you should have won because that was a great answer."

In part of the interview, DeGeneres set up Johnson to compliment her under a five-second time limit.

After Johnson obliged, touching on her love of the host's philanthropic efforts and kindness, she told of her experience back stage of Miss America when a technician mentioned that her answer may get her on DeGeneres' show.

"I started crying," Johnson said during the interview.

A big topic of discussion during her time on the show was her pageant monologue about being a nurse, which garnered Johnson both negative and positive national attention.

"It was brilliant," DeGeneres said.

The speech, which Johnson performed as her talent, touched on how an Alzheimer's patient taught her she was more than "just a nurse."

She and DeGeneres did not touch on the negative comments the speech received from hosts on The View earlier this week.

Johnson said she wanted to shine the spotlight on nurses.

"It's about them, not about me," Johnson said during the interview.

The comments caused nurses across the country to rally behind Johnson and share their stories and the importance of what they do.

"That's a very important job and you're doing a very important thing and you care about those people, which I loved," DeGeneres said.

Another scholarship

To thank Kelley Johnson for her work, Ellen DeGeneres and a sponsor of her show, Shutterfly, provided Johnson with $10,000 for her continued education in addition to the $37,000 she has won in scholarship money through Miss Colorado and Miss America.