New Windsor dentist hopes to bring compassion and expertise to town on Main Street |

New Windsor dentist hopes to bring compassion and expertise to town on Main Street

Allison Dyer Bluemel

General dentist Jill Kollar hopes that her new and first practice, Precision Dental of Windsor, will bring compassionate, up to date care to the town when it opens Sept. 26 at 1580 Main St. Suite B.

After working in every facet of dentistry she could, Jill Kollar hopes to bring a balance of the newest techniques and patient compassion to town when she opens her practice, Precision Dental of Windsor, Sept. 26 at 1580 Main St. Suite B in Windsor.

Kollar completed her undergraduate degree at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and graduated from Tufts University in Boston before working in the field for three years on the east coast and in Colorado after she moved back.

After moving to Fort Collins to be closer to her family, she began looking at opportunities to open her first practice about two and a half years ago.

She decided on Windsor for its small town feel and the ability to foster close relationships with future patients.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach with my dentistry. I like helping people get to their health goals and learn about their bodies.Jill KollarDentist, Precision Dental of Windsor

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"Windsor is what I loved about Fort Collins before it got so crowded," she said.

The cost factor was also a strong motivation.

Renting or buying a practice in Fort Collins would have been near impossible under the weight of rent and student loan payments, Kollar said.

Windsor offered her a way of being present in the northern Colorado community in a more affordable way with a great landlord and friendly neighbors.

Working in northern Colorado also sets Kollar up to be the second generation of general dentistry in her family, after her father worked in the same field.

She grew up assisting him, doing his books and scheduling his patients, she said.

"I feel that I'm continuing his love for the profession and striving for a standard of excellence," Kollar said.

So when she found her location on Main Street three months ago, she began building out the interior to meet her needs.

In the space she created three rooms in addition to general staff and reception areas: an emergency dentistry space, a regular dentistry room and a hygienist's room.

While Kollar has taken point on the business side of her practice, the interior design and construction needed some help. Thankfully, her boyfriend is a contractor and stepped up to recommend a color scheme — blue, grey, and beige with dark wood floors — to give the practice a clean, open feel.

"It's more on the modern side of things," she said.

For now, the staff is just Kollar, a receptionist and a dental assistant, but she hopes to hire a dedicated hygienist in the future.

With the Fort Collins market already saturated with dental practices and specialists, opening in Windsor gave her a chance to be a part of a building community where she could stretch her wings.

"I'm more fresh out of school and have the most current research and ideas," Kollar said.

While she isn't a specialist in family or children's dentistry, she has a passion for working with families in a friendly way and building relationships down the road.

"I'm very focused on family-style dentistry," she said.

Kollar's dedication to patients extends beyond those with families in Windsor, however. She sees herself as a guide to health for all those who come in her door.

"I see myself as a professional guide," she said. "People are in charge of their own health and it's a very delicate matter."

She emphasized the importance of good dental health in preventing health problems down the road.

"It's not a one-size-fits-all approach with my dentistry," Kollar said. "I like helping people get to their health goals and learn about their bodies."