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RIDING THE PINE: Start of football season marks best time of the year

Steve Puterski

Football season has arrived, officially. Friday marked the day many around the state feel to be the best season of them all ” Broncos season.

Training camp to me is like the Groundhog Day of summer. Did Jay Cutler see his shadow or is the season just around the corner? Just hope last season isn’t repeated, and everything will be fine.

While I don’t really share the enthusiasm of training camp that millions around the country share, I do get fired up because in a few short weeks, not only does the pro season start, but the college ranks get started as well.

As I’m not fully gung-ho on the start of camp, a friend of mine, however, is. I’m headed down to Denver this weekend so I decided to e-mail my friend James Shields, no, not the Tampa Bay pitcher, and see what he was up to.

Shields has a wife and 9-month-old baby daughter to take care of, but, since it’s Broncos season, they’ve become secondary (not really). But since I’ve never been to camp, I figured I would see if he wanted to go.

He responded with an e-mail saying he had to check with his wife. I’m sure we won’t stay the whole time, but we’ll probably end up staying through the second practice, which starts at 4 p.m.

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As soon as he received confirmation from his better half he sent an e-mail saying, “It’s on. Sunday is a go.”

In previous e-mails, he has professed his love for the Broncos and has decreed that the start of camp is a “New Year.”

When I called him Friday at work to see which session we wanted to go all he could muster was this deep, sensual rumbling of, “Oh, I love the Broncos.” I just laughed.

I can only image what he’ll be like when we’re down at Dove Valley watching our beloved Broncos go at it. I’ll probably have to tackle him in a desperation attempt to keep him off the field while practice is still ongoing.

Shields, it’s funny calling him that in writing, isn’t the only person I know who goes off the deep end when camp starts. I have many friends, but talking about practice is about as much fun as watching golf on TV.

And then there are those awful preseason games. How can anyone get excited for a meaningless game? I don’t get it.

I love the people who run around and get all excited about the next hidden gem the Broncos somehow picked up while other teams looked the other way. The next thing you know, the guy gets cut in the third quarter.

But for now, I know the season opener is just around the corner and … I NEED TICKETS!

From the clubhouse: Didn’t think I’d get to Rod Smith. The color of the football Smith gave his first son before he was picked up by the Broncos was orange and blue.

Steve Puterski is a Sports Reporter for Windsor Now. He has a passion for most sports and attending as many sporting events a year as possible. Though he many only play in the occasional adult softball league, he will give his opinion on the world of sports from the bench every Saturday. If you have any questions, comments or story ideas contact him at (970) 392-5634 or e-mail him at sputerski@mywindsornow.com.