SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATE: Regan Price, District B |


James Redmond

Regan Price

Regan Price advocates for her kids, for others' kids, for the community and more. It's what she does.

An involved member of the community, she wants to help shape the future of education in the Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District by serving as a board member.

As the only candidate who submitted an application for the District B school board seat, Price will run unopposed for election to school board this November.

Looking past the election, she's already thinking about where she wants to help take the district.

“That biggest thing is making sure we have top-quality teachers that can help our students excel.Regan PriceRunning uncontested for District B seat

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"We're an expanding community," she said.

As the Windsor-Severance school district grows, it will be important to make sure students and teachers alike have the technology, programs and support they need to be competitive with other school districts, Price said.

Of course, part of that support means having enough space for students, she said. In the next few years, the district will need to keep a watchful eye on the growing student population and the district's facilities.

Already the district has started eying the possibility of a second high school, this one located in Severance, and Price knows it will take a lot of work from the district to educate and find the support it will need to pass a possible bond initiative.

With her experience on the committee for Windsor's Community Recreation Center expansion, she has a background working on community initiatives and educating the public she thinks can be of service to the board and district.

She wants to see support for students beyond more space, Price wants to make sure Windsor-Severance has the best teachers possible in those spaces working with students.

"That biggest thing is making sure we have top-quality teachers that can help our students excel," Price said.

In order to develop, attract and maintain those quality teachers she want to make sure the district has adequate measures ensuring accountability while supporting the educators at the same time.

Part of that means simple ideas like making sure teachers have the resources they need and, just as importantly, have easy access to those resources.

Price also wants to make sure the district can focus on support staff, such as teacher's aides and paraeducators, that help teachers work with their growing classes.

She knows that figuring out the best way to help will require work and a willingness to listen to the needs and opinions of others. Price says she is ready, and excited, to do both.

Regan Price:

• Running uncontested for District B seat

• Lived in Windsor for 10 years

• Works in marketing for IT’s Mobile USA

• Served on Windsor’s Parks, Recreation, & Culture Advisory Board since 2010.

• Worked on the citizens committee Windsor’s Community Recreation Center expansion

• Has helped in district schools as a volunteer for six years.

• Two kids in the school district, a fifth grade student at Mountain View Elementary School and a second grade student at Tozer Primary School.