Students share dreams and visions of Windsor’s future with town through student-made book |

Students share dreams and visions of Windsor’s future with town through student-made book

James Redmond

One-by-one Tammy Randle's students shared their visions of Windsor's future with its mayor and town board Monday night.

Last spring the members of Randle's second-grade enrichment class at Tozer Primary School designed and authored their very own book, "Future Dreams for Our Community."

At Monday's town board meeting the students, now in third grade at schools around the district, presented Mayor John Vazquez with a copy of their book, which they dedicated to town board member Ivan Adams.

The students approached the podium and explained the concept of their book, the classes' hopes and dreams for improving Windsor's future, and presented it to Vazquez.

Upon his request, the students explained some of their ideas for helping shape the town's future, Randle said Thursday.

The students' ideas ranged from building an animal sanctuary in Windsor to a school of wisdom for people who have trouble remembering things and more, she said.

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Not all book's authors could attend the meeting that night, however, those who did enjoyed seeing the town government process, Randle said.

"They were excited," she said. "They were really enthralled to learn and be (at the meeting)."

The book started as a project for the students in her spring class, a chance learn about being responsible members of the community advocating for their ideas.

Each student had to come up with his or her own idea or dream for Windsor's future and draw an example of what it might look like to go with an explanation in the book.

The town liked the book so much, Randle said, that the town planner contacted her to ask if he could have a copy of the book. He wanted use it as citizen input in development of the town's comprehensive plan, she said.

"To me that is just inspiring that students are involved in the process, that they see they can make an impact," Randle said. "Now that see their ideas are being considered and heard, it's just going to inspire them further."

Authors of “Future Dreams for Our Community.”

Tammy Randle’s second-grade students at Tozer Primary School authored the book given to Windsor’s town board on Monday.

The book’s authors include:

Delaney Kintz

Nicolas Rodon

Tressin Starman

Rize Simmons

Lindsey Hinson

Danika Frantz

Cristina Bravo

Arianna Hicks

Brady Sanger

Eli Lichtenburg

Jayden Gorton

Aiden Hughes

Malachi Barrientos

Launa Sanders

John Backhaus

Cannon Rank

Weston Brummer

Tripp Thomas