Windsor Law & Order for May 10 |

Windsor Law & Order for May 10

Staff reports

Man mentions his warrant to waste officers' time

At 6 p.m. May 4, police were called to Banner Health Care, 1300 Main St., because a man said he could not provide identification because he had a warrant out. Officers arrived, and as they approached the man yelled the he did not consent to a search. Officers told him they did not want to search him. The man refused to give his name and dropped to the ground, pulling his sweatshirt over his knees and legs. Fearing he may have a weapon, an officer frisked the man. As they talked to him, the man responded with "numerous profanities and obscene finger gestures as to say '(expletive) you.' " The man started recording his exchange with the officers on a cell phone. When he realized he was being recorded by an officer's in-car camera, he yelled his name and Social Security number while making obscene gestures. Officers ran his information and found he had a non-extraditable warrant out of Texas. The man said he knew that and just wanted to waste the officers' time. Officers were called back to the location four minutes later because the man went back inside and harassed the doctor. Police told the man if he returned he would be charged with trespassing.

Man refuses to give information, but say aggressive man confronted him: At 2:46 p.m. May 3, an officer was dispatched to the 8100 block of Blackwood Drive because a man who refused to leave any contact information said a black male was aggressive toward him. The man said the black male had aggressively approached his car and told him to get out of it as he drove through a neighborhood he was looking at buying a house in. At the scene, the officer met with a pastor who hosts lunch gatherings for church members. The pastor said a group of women was walking to their car when a man drove by continually staring at his house and the women. The pastor said the man in the car came to a near stop, so the pastor went the car to ask the man if he needed something or was lost. The pastor told the man he did not want people staring at his house or his guests. He said the man in the car began cursing and threatening to call the police, and he left before the police arrived.