Windsor Law & Order for May 31 |

Windsor Law & Order for May 31

Staff reports

Man tries to break into woman's house, passes out in yard

At 8:29 p.m. May 26, police were called to the 2000 block of Bayfront Drive because an intoxicated man attempted to get into a woman's residence and passed out in the grass. Officers on scene identified the man, smelled alcohol on his breath and asked the man if he knew where he was. The man said he knew where he was but could not say. Emergency medical technicians who responded said the man should be transported to the hospital. With the man's permission officers looked in his phone and called his wife who said she would meet him at the hospital.

People report man for watching teenage girls at park, man says he like watching cranes: At 2:26 p.m. May 26 an officer was dispatched to Boardwalk Park because residents reported a man in a blue car watching teenage girls at the lake, moving his car several times to do so. Lake staff received four complaints about the man. The officer found the car and the man and asked to speak with him. The man said he was just looking at the lake and watching the cranes. The officers said he was making people uncomfortable and suggested the view from 7th street as a better spot to watch from because the birds have more perches there. The man said he would try 7th Street. Another officer said he saw the man coming back to the same spot after the first officer left.

Man keeps getting phone wrong number phone calls: At 1:51 a.m. May 26, an officer contacted a man on the 700 block of Oak Street because he kept receiving phone calls from a man who sounded drunk and wanted to speak with a woman he thought the number belonged to. The man said he kept telling the caller they had the wrong number and he would call the police if the phone calls kept happening. The officer called the number and a man answered. After the officer identified himself and the man hung up. The officer called back and a woman, whose name differed from the one the caller had asked for, refused to give her address to the officer and hung up.