WINDSOR NOW EDITORIAL: Brett Favre or Windsor fire museum? Which one are you tired of hearing about the most? |

WINDSOR NOW EDITORIAL: Brett Favre or Windsor fire museum? Which one are you tired of hearing about the most?

The Windsor-Severance Fire Protection District’s fire museum is gaining about the same amount of attention around here as Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre’s future is throughout the country.

Which one are you tired of hearing about the most?

Will Favre stay retired in Hattiesburg, Miss.?

Will the fire museum stay in its current location at the entrance to Boardwalk Park off 5th Street?

Will Favre be traded to Tampa Bay or New York?

Will the fire museum be transferred to another location in Boardwalk Park?

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Will the Packers be stuck with Favre’s huge starting quarterback salary while he backs up Aaron Rodgers?

Will the residents of Windsor be stuck with the fire museum blocking Windsor Lake if it stays in its original spot?

So many questions to the answers that are still out there.

When the 4-1 decision by the Fire Board was reached Wednesday night during a special joint meeting between the Town Board and the Fire Board for the Fire Protection District to try and secure a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant for the $184,000 it needs to move the fire museum along 6th Street, Windsor residents received at least one immediate answer.

If the DOLA grant comes through, the fire museum will have a new spot to call home along 6th Street.

If not, then it’s up to the Windsor Town Board to decide if it is willing to come up with the $184,000 for the relocation.

“I think we can chase $184,000. We have a good chance to receive that,” Mayor John Vazquez said. “Then the town and the taxpayers are not affected because DOLA is backfilling. The other costs are cost the Town would incur otherwise. At the end of the day, donors will be whole again. The taxpayers are not paying for it with their money, and the Town has no additional expenses. We’re just shuffling around the expenses we would incur anyway.”

We agree with the mayor.

If the DOLA grant comes through, that will make a lot of people happy. The fire museum will be moved to another location at Boardwalk Park. Windsor residents who realized when the museum was leveled by the May 22 tornado that it didn’t look good at 5th and Boardwalk’s entrance from the get-go will be able to lobby for something else at that spot. (Can you say splash pad fountain?)

The fire district, behind fire marshal Mike Davis, originally raised $451,231 to build a museum in honor of Windsor’s firefighters. One way or another, that museum will be rebuilt.

Now everyone can wait until we hear about the DOLA grant on what the next step will be.

Thank goodness, because hearing about the fire museum and Brett Favre is getting really tiresome.