Windsor resident dishes about Food Network TV appearance with Guy Fieri |

Windsor resident dishes about Food Network TV appearance with Guy Fieri

Allison Dyer Bluemel

From left, Food Network’s Guy Fieri, host of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” stands with Windsor resident Meri Ramey-Gray, the Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen Owner Jared Allen and Ramey-Gray’s sister, Christi Klemme, on April 23 at Allen’s restaurant in Fort Collins.

A Windsor resident's TV appearance started with her biological sister and ended with meeting her "hair soul sibling" Guy Fieri during Fieri's visit to the Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen as part of his filming of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on April 23 in Fort Collins.

The day before Fieri's Fort Collins appearance, Meri Ramey-Gray heard from her sister the Food Network star would come to town. The pair decided to stop by the restaurant to catch a glimpse of the filming, she said.

"It was crazy watching people try to dive in to try and take pictures with him," she said. "I don't know many chefs that have an entourage kind of thing."

The pair stood outside the restaurant, but were told they could not join the pre-selected crowd for the show's lunch.

Unexpectedly, one of the show's guests asked to increase their table size by two seats and invited the sisters in, Ramey-Gray said.

After signing releases for television, Ramey-Gray and her sister were sat at the bar — at first.

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However, she said her likeness to the TV host — which comes from her bright, blond hair — helped grab the attention of a crew member who moved them to main, center filming table.

"The fact that I look kind of similar to Guy Fieri really helped," she said, laughing.

Her new seat — complete with set lighting and a cup of the restaurant's pork green chili as the entrée — would allow her air time to chat with Fieri and the restaurant's co-owner and a Chicago Bears defensive end Jared Allen.

She remembers feeling shocked by Allen's towering size when he sat at the table and Fieri asking how the crew could let someone with better hair than him at the table, she said.

"They were a real hoot," she said. "They were laughing and making jokes and, of course, that always helps people feel more comfortable."

Following filming, Ramey-Gray said it took all the guts she had to ask for a photo with Allen and Fieri while they were experiencing technical difficulties with their own cameras.

"I pushed my sister up and she had her camera ready," she said. "I said 'go hand it to that guy' and I happened to step right between Guy and Jared."

While she walked away with a picture to commemorate the whirlwind experience, Ramey-Gray and the show's Fort Collins fans will have to wait to see if the stop made the show's final production cut, said Seth Hyman, spokesman with the Food Network.