Windsor Severance Fire Rescue breaks Muscular Dystrophy Association goal by raising $13,291.88 |

Windsor Severance Fire Rescue breaks Muscular Dystrophy Association goal by raising $13,291.88

James Redmond

A firefighter from Windsor Severance Fire Rescue walks through the crowd passing around the boot during the Harvest Festival Parade in early September of this year on Walnut St.

Continuing a multi-year goal-breaking trend the Windsor Severance Fire Rescue collected $13,291.88 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, above its goal of $12,000.

"Every year for past seven years that I've been coordinating this, we've beat our goal that we set for ourselves," firefighter Blake Weishel said Wednesday. "It's surprising how we keep getting more and more, and how people are wanting to donate as much as they can."

Come Labor Day weekend each year, the sight of Windsor Severance firefighters at intersections and grocery stores around town have become a common, and traditional, sight.

"Everyone I meet every year is very eager to donate," Weishel said." Everyone pretty much knows that Labor Day weekend we're going to be out there with boots. We have people coming up constantly that say how excited they are to see us."

They usually start by passing the boot around the 7th and Main Street intersection in Windsor on Friday, and moving to The Summit and King Soopers where they have an open invitation to fundraise, he said.

"We're fortunate to get in (there)," Weishel said.

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Of course, they always finish off the weekend with a walk in the Harvest Festival Parade where the community keeps dropping their donations into firefighters' boots.

"We kind of finish the fundraising off Monday at the Harvest Festival Parade," Weishel said.

Throughout the weekend some people will donate two or three separate times, coming back to where the firefighters have set up to give more.

"For me it's awesome," he said. "(The) MDA is something that means a lot to me. I attend their summer camps every year, so I get to see first-hand what the fundraising efforts actually go toward and being able to hang out with these kids that have muscular dystrophy is amazing and it feels awesome (to raise so much money for them)."