Windsor Severance Historical Society works to raise $150,000 for 9-foot bronze statue |

Windsor Severance Historical Society works to raise $150,000 for 9-foot bronze statue

Allison Dyer Bluemel

Concept rendering of the 9-foot bronze statue the Windsor Severance Historical Society commissioned for installation in Boardwalk Park.

Sugar beets, water and work — history that's what the nine-foot bronze monument commissioned by the Windsor Severance Historical Society will depict in Boardwalk Park if they can raise $150,000.

"This project was developed to honor the Windsor-Severance pioneers who came before us," according to the WSHS board. "It is also a way for us to thank the many volunteers who saw the need to preserve our town's rich cultural heritage and who started this organization and the buildings and museum at Boardwalk Park."

The sculpture fits well into the recently adopted Boardwalk Park Museum Plan, Parks, Recreation and Culture Director Melissa Chew said Monday.

"We're very excited to encourage them to move forward with their concept of their particular sculpture," Chew said.

The historical society commissioned Windsor local and volunteer firefighter Austin Weishel for the project.

Weishel, whose sculpture entitled Follow Your Heart sits in front of the Windsor Fire Department, has won awards locally and nationally, including a top monument award for his national fire dog statue Ashes to Answers in downtown Washington, D.C.

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Initially, historical society members and Weishel considered a statue that would involve moving water, but opted against the idea due to the design's high maintenance, he said.

After researching the correct style of hand-pump for water, he and the board decided on the final design, which depicts a young boy holding a bucket for water being pumped by an older man. Off to the side stands a young girl holding a sack of sugar as a reference to the influence of sugar beets on the town's history.

"I think it actually does a great job of depicting the history," Mayor John Vazquez said.

Weishel and historical board members researched the daily chores of early Windsor residents in order to accurately depict a scene that honored the town's 125-year history, WSHS board member Sandy Brug said.

"These pioneers came here with a dream, worked hard and had he foresight to understand the importance of making water and irrigation available for farmers and who transformed Windsor into the town as we know it today," according to materials presented to the town board Monday.

To make a donation

Tax-deductible contributions to the Windsor Severance Historical Society’s Fulfill our WiSH campaign can be made by check via mail to WSHS – Fulfill our WiSH campaign at 501 Ash St., Windsor, CO 80550, by bringing a check directly to the Bank of Colorado or electronically under the Fulfill our WiSH tab online at

Community members interested in volunteering with WSHS should contact Sue Buxman at (970) 686-2513.

For more information on the project, call Marge Straube at (970) 686-2624 or Sandy Brug at (970) 686-2122.